Community-led planning and development good practices

Good Practices

Transition Towns


Transition Towns (TT) initiatives are part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how we as communities - can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth.


We believe in igniting and supporting local responses at any level and from anyone and aim to weave them together into a coordinated action plan for change towards a lower energy lifestyle. By building local resilience, we will be able to collectively respond to whatever the future may bring in a calm, positive and creative way

3.How does it work

Transition Initiatives work on a local level to increase the ability of communities to withstand energy crisis and handle change. They do this by proactively creating a positive vision of their communities in a world with less cheap abundant energy, changing climate and a changed social, environmental and economic environment.

Whilst this process is informed by anticipating what particular risks or threats may be present in that community, the focus will be on creating an overarching vision. Once the vision has been set, action steps are set to achieve the vision.


The model focuses on advocacy and uses the web to inform and engage people about issues, problems and what you can do about climate change and peak oil.

TTs have localised groupings each with its own approaches, events and ways of engaging. They use the website to advocate their cause through simple household solutions, provide materials and resources, organise gatherings and events.

Source: the Transition Towns website

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