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Towards 2060


Towards 2060 is a project for the communities of Manukau, undertaken by the city council and Tomorrows Manukau community alliance . It seeks to build a 50-year long term plan for Manukau communities (each of the citys board area).

The center of the engagement for Towards 2060 was the future of Manukaus communities, taking a long-term view of things that might happen and what needs to be done to achieve the vision. The project came under the Tomorrows Manukau umbrella and was led from the Strategy and Policy Department of Council, with input from different council departments.


The Towards2060 project seeks to enhance the engagement processes with community groups about how they can design their future and how local government can assist them in that goal.

It takes the development of community outcomes to the next level in several ways:

It addresses a longer-term 50-year forward timeframe.

It incorporates the Auckland Sustainability Frameworks 100-year timeframe for future thinking

It brings spatial design into the design.

3.How does it work

Towards 2060 community engagement builds on the principles of the Auckland Sustainability Framework (ASF) and the spatial plan and uses the natural step framework for planning a 50-year future plan.

Towards 2060 was framed around a series of smaller projects which fell within three portfolios 1) the discovery phase of gathering information; 2) engagement with the community; and 3) the reporting, analysis.

The Council worked together with Tomorrows Manukau, an alliance of organisations that contribute to the achievement of community outcomes in Manukau. Community advisers, community groups and board advisers were also instrumental in the project development.

A two day Design Your Future visioning workshops were held in each of the board area with the addition of schools and the disabled sector. Innovative facilitation techniques were utilised to inform and inspire people to consider the longer-term development of their communities through visioning, backcasting and action planning. A toolbox of workshop techniques, frameworks, templates, and background info was developed to assist facilitators and communities.


The project produced the Towards 2060 report which outlines how the project was developed and how workshops were carried out for 8 areas/communities, 1 sector and Manukaus schools.

Further, 10 detailed community reports arose out of the design the future workshops. Each area report includes a demographics of the community, advocacy plan, big issues and needs, key and visionary statements.

A CMS website was also developed to pull up relevant information and share the good practices of the project.

Visit website to download the reports.

Source: and the Towards 2060 Report.

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