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Unfortunately, there is no standard out of the box community planning blueprint. As each area is uniquely shaped by its people, culture and surroundings, the approach will be different for every community or neighbourhood.

VP groups can pick and choose recipes that would work best for their communities.

This cookbook which is constantly being updated, lists various recipes from A-Z on how to undertake community planning

How do you get started with community planning?

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Key elements of community-led planning

1. Strong leadership

Planning should be led by a group from the community that has credibility with the different sections of the community. The group must balance the interest of all stakeholders.

2. Community engagement

The community or locality should be involved in every step of the planning process. Isolated groups should be given a voice.

3. Strong evidence base

An effective plan is based on the views of the people which are grounded in evidence of real issues and aspirations.

4. Vision

A clear vision for the future will inform the way ahead. It should be grounded and must relate to opportunities and the the local context.

5. Action plans

the vision should be translated into a an action plan with clear objectives and priorities.

Place making visualisation tools

This guide provides a starting point in identifying online visualisation tools.

Design tools provide tangible means to build consensus about the development of a space. Visualisation tools help communities literally see the impact of various development options. For instance, visualisation tools can make it easy to look at the effect of placing buildings, parks, open spaces in certain places.

There are many online or computer-based visualisation tools that can help communities develop visual plans and maps. Some of the tools are:

CommunityViz is advanced yet easy-to-use GIS software designed to help people visualize, analyze, and communicate about important community planning decisions. Its available for purchase and free on a 30 day trial.

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free downloadable GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information. ArcGIS can:

- Access ready-to-use ArcGIS Online basemaps and layers.

- Add photos, reports, videos, and other information to your maps.

- Perform spatial analysis (e.g., visibility, modeling, proximity search).

Google SkecthUp – is a free downloadable easy to use 3D modelling program created by Google to build models, buildings and designs. SketchUP users can access Google 3D Warehouse to download and use thousands of free models. SketchUp allows placement of models within Google Earth allwoing you to share your models.

For more information, download the

Placemaking tools for community action”

or visit www.placematters.com

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