What is a framework?

A framework is a set of processes or activities widely accepted enough to serve as guiding principles. They act like maps guiding you which direction to go.

It is not intended to impose a rigid set of rules and constraints. Rather, it is a guide to start an initiative and inspire new ways of thinking.

Parish and Community Planning

The Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) developed the parish and community planning model for smaller more rural communities. The nine (9) step approach focuses on building high levels of participation, building communitys capacity and strengthening linkages with government.

Step 1 - getting started

To start the process, you need to get people interested with publicity and hold an open event to gather support to undertake the process.

Step 2 - establishing the steering group

Set-up a steering group with wide representation from the community.

Step 3 - developing a project plan

During the course of a series of meetings put together a strategy, budget and programme to show how you are going to undertake the plan, ensuring you consult with everyone in the community.

Step 4 - community consultation

This is a time to undertake a variety of interesting and fun consultation exercise involving as many people as possible both in taking part in expressing their views.

Step 5 - prioritising and action planning

Sort and prioritise the issues and begin to form groups to take forward actions.

Step 6 - drafting the plan

Put together the first draft to share with the community and partner organisations.

Step 7 - finalising the plan

Consult with the community and partner organisations and produce the final document.

Step 8 - implementing the plan

Consolidate any actions started and begin to implement others

Step 9 - monitor and review

Once you have completed a plan, a regular review and update will ensure continuous progress on the needs and requirements of your community. Consolidate any actions started and begin to implement others.

source: www.www.towns.org.uk

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