What is a framework?

A framework is a set of processes or activities widely accepted enough to serve as guiding principles. They act like maps guiding you which direction to go.

It is not intended to impose a rigid set of rules and constraints. Rather, it is a guide to start an initiative and inspire new ways of thinking.


An overarching framework for Community-led planning

LEAD an approach developed by ACRE, is a framework that illustrates the key steps that underpin a community-led planning initiative. LEAD suggests a sequence of activities that community groups are expected to undertake, to produce plans that achieve high rates of engagement , are linked in with local service providers and result in well-researched actions that can be implemented to meet local needs.

The LEAD matrix outlines the 4 key steps of CLP

1. L- aunch the plan

Attracting community interest in the plan

Establishing a leadership structure

Planning the work ahead

2. E- vidence local need and aspirations

Gathering factual data about the area

Consulting members of the community to find out how they view the local area considering their needs and aspirations

3. A- gree and prioritise actions

Making sense of the evidence collected

Drafting actions that could be taken to improve the community

Agreeing and prioritising actions

Producing a document that includes a detailed action plan outlining the work that can be done to improve the wellbeing of the community

4. D- eliver and monitor actions

Working with external stakeholders where needed, bidding for funding, implementing and monitoring the actions specified in the plan

Reviewing the plan when it needs updating

source: www.towns.org.uk

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