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FLAXROOTS is a ground-up community-led planning initiative of the North Shore Community and Social Services to promote grassroots planning in Auckland.

WHAT is community-led planning (CLP)?

It's a step-by-step process that enables every citizen to participate in, and contribute to improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of their local area.

It represents an unparalleled opportunity for people to take responsibility for making things happen locally, rather than waiting on others to do it for them. Community-led planning is not a new concept, but the opportunity to implement it in a way that is inclusive and well informed has never been greater.

HOW does it work?

1. Communities meet to discuss community-led planning and form a village planning group

2. The group engages the community and collects infromation through workshops, surveys, forums and meetings

3. The group develops an overarching vision for their neighbourhood

4. The vision is translated into community action plans

WHY do we need it in the new Auckland Council?

A city wont be super without strong, sustainable, resilient and vibrant communities. More than ever, there is a great need to put social on the map and make sure that communities are at the centre of decision making.

Community planning benefits the new Council in several ways:

Enables AC to understand better the unique needs and aspirations of its geographical communities.

Enables AC to set a strategic direction that promotes quality of life for city residents.

Provides authorities with valuable information at the community level that would be otherwise hard to obtain.

Stimulates local democracy where communities are giving elected representatives and staff greater credibility.

Promotes greater efficiencies in public spending as communities respond by contributing their own efforts to delivering local services.

Flaxroots is a priority initiative of the North Shore Community and Social Services funded under the Community Development Scheme of the Department of Internal Affairs