Community-led planning and development good practices

Good Practices

Glen Innes Visioning Project


The Glen Innes Visioning project, jumpstarted by Ka Mau Te Wero Charitable Trust aims to encourage community participation and ownership in what happens in Glen Innes.

KMTWs work shows the power of the community's active participation in identifying real issues, taking ownership of them and finding the innovative solutions that will make sustainable and tangible differences.


In 2001, the Ministry of Social Development's new Stronger Communities Action Fund Programme funded the KMTW project which later evolved into a charitable Trust. The purpose of the SCAF programme was to test the concept of "devolved community decision-making", encouraging communities to identify local solutions and evaluating the process and outcomes.

The project aims to:

Encourage the community to identify its needs and priorities

Encourage collaboration and connection among residents and communities

Find innovative solutions for local issues and explore ways to legitimise and share the wonderful reserves of local knowledge

3.How does it work

Through the SCAF funding, the KMTW project was able to undertake 2 surveys: the Visioning project and the Random House Survey.

The surveys were good examples of community engagement and participation. Around 40 local people were engaged and trained to conduct a house-to-house survey for 202 households. In addition, the surveyors participated in all phases of the project from the design of the questionnaire, the interviews, data entry, and data analyses. The results were presented to the community for feedback.

From the findings of the community participatory action research projects, KMTW drafted its vision, strategies and annual plans.


As a result of the Visioning project, a number of projects have been identified and implemeted focusing on youth development and training controlled by the community and driven to build capacities, promote feelings of connectedness, and to cultivate positive attitudes.

Source: the Inspiring Communities Website written by Aimee Whitcroft, September 2009.

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