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Mary Thomas Centre

3 Gibbons Rd

PO Box 33-284

Takapuna, North Shore 0740

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You can arrange an orientation meeting with NSCSS to find out how you can be involved.


Dean Manley (PhD) Village Planning Co-ordinator



The Flaxroots Village Planning is a project of the North Shore Community and Social Services (NSCSS) supported by the Auckland Council and funded by the Local Government and Community Branch of the Department of Internal Affairss. This is a 3 year project and overtime NSCSS would like to work with individuals and community groups in each of the new Local Board areas in the Wards of North Shore, Albany and Rodney.

Village Planning Advisory Group

Sandi Morrison - Chair


Anthony Wilson, Awataha Marae

Dr. Emma Davis

Prof. Michael Belgrave, Massey University

Carole Ryan, Raeburn House

Rebecca Harrington, Lifewise

Peter Carter, Milford VP group

Max Thomson, Campbell's Bay VP group

Maire Veith, Devonport Community Co-ordinator

Mike Cohen, Devonport-Takapuna Local Board

Marilyn Glover, NSCSS Board member

Fay Freeman, community and sports specialist

Flaxroots is a priority initiative of the North Shore Community and Social Services funded under the Community Development Scheme of the Department of Internal Affairs