Community-led planning and development good practices

Good Practices

Back2Back : neighborhood-led development


The Back2Back project, a collaborative initiative among the Waitakere Council and four community organisations aims to strengthen community governance and build an infrastructure that supports and sustains the process for neighbour-led change.


The project, funded by the DIA-CDS scheme, aspires to:

involve local people leading creative neighbourhood initiatives

strengthening neighbourhood leadership by training and mentoring street-based leaders and volunteers

establish learning frameworks and processes that support the project

establish a Massey Ranui stakeholder network and various working groups

preparing a toolkit of practical doing and how to resource

3.How does it work

Back2Back is intended to support neighbourhood led development by capitalising on the successes of projects that already exists such as : the Ranui Action Project, Sustainable Ranui, Tatou West Harbour, Massey Matters, Neighbourhood Support and others. The Back 2 Back Project supports local residents and other key agencies to work together to create more neighbourhoods in Massey and Ranui The project wants to avoid wheels being reinvented and make sure good things that work are being shared between neighbourhoods.

Led by Waitakere Council, the project seeks to build on successful initiatives such as street talks, street BBQs, community planting projects, sustainable home checks, gardening workshops and clean ups.

Volunteers and community organisations are involved in creating a vision, involving residents, drafting action plans and implementing activities resourced by Council and other partners.


As an overarching project, Back2Back has implemented activities such as:

Stakeholders network hui to confirm community priorities

Sustainable transportation

Family events

Environmental clean-ups

Volunteer development

Resident action plans

Community garden

Flaxroots is a priority initiative of the North Shore Community and Social Services funded under the Community Development Scheme of the Department of Internal Affairs